We've streamlined NDAs so you can get down to business faster.

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Speed review for both parties by focusing on key terms.

Enhances Trust

Enhances Trust

Make it easy to say yes with our standardized “VirtualTerms.”



Minimize time and effort with our simple end-to-end tool.

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Create Agreement
Create your agreement in seconds using our streamlined key terms format. Use or change our pre-filled options. Your agreement automatically links to our standardized VirtualTerms for the rest!
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Send, Review, & Sign
Send, review and e-sign in one tool. Your business partner reviews the same key terms linking to our standardized VirtualTerms and can e-sign or send you comments.
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Track & Store
Track your draft, pending, and signed agreements from your dashboard. We’ll alert you when you have pending comments or signatures and let you know when it’s done.

You'll Love VirtualTerms

Rethink your agreements.

Ordinary legal agreements are long, dense, and slow you down.

We've transformed them to make it easy to agree.

Focus on key terms

Focus on key terms

We make creation and review easy for both parties with our streamlined "key terms" format.

Speed agreement and enhance trust

Start on the same page - all users and agreements share our standarized VirtualTerms in "plain English".
Start on the same page
Create, send and sign online in minutes

Create, send and sign online in minutes

Get it all done quickly with one simple end-to-end tool.

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